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Ryan Gosling, please don’t read this post.

We all do it.

We fear know our online pictures are going to be viewed by hundreds of people (including long lost friends, exes, co-workers, frenemies, casting directors, Ryan Gosling and/or the Obama’s) . As such, we carefully choose our photos, hoping they reflect the fun, sexy beast we really are (without making it look like we have carefully chosen these photos to reflect the fun, sexy beast we may or may not be). I am guilty of this. You are guilty of this. And it’s OK.

Today, however, I am going to buck that tradition. Today, I am going to post the most awkward picture I think Steve and I have ever taken* for the sake of showing you a mustache magnet on a brew-making device.

On Saturday morning Steve and I woke up, drove the Bustache to work-out and then asked ourselves, “What can we do to sabotage all of that working out we just did?”

The answer came to us in resounding clarity – “Drink beer from 1:30p until 8:30p.”

OK. It’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

First – only one of us drank beer from 1:30p – 8:30p. As the DD, I did my part by drinking 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper and eating (absolutely DELICIOUS) Korean-taco truck food. And to be fair… We are getting kinda of old now, so there was a lot of breaks in the beer drinking and cups of water consumed in between.

Second – there was an occasion. It was the 2nd Anniversary of a local micro-brewery… no, actually, even smaller than that… a NANO-Brewery, Cismontane Brewing Company. And since it is OC founded and itty-bitty, we were really just doing our part to support the local economy and the growth of small business. You’re welcome, America.

Third – we didn’t go by ourselves. We were joined by a friend couple who, among other things, constantly reminded us that all male/female relationships are pretty much the same (another post on this coming soon). And, more importantly, validated our decision to drink beer for 7 hours straight (see above about the current definition of “straight”…).

See? Not so bad.

Near the end of the day, we found a mustache attached to some sort of brew-making device. And we decided we must document it.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture after drinking beers from 1:30p – 8:30p.

  • Using an iPhone camera proves to be too much of a challenge, and you get photos like this:

  • When you find someone to work the camera for you, you proceed to take an awkward picture:
Please, just look at the mustache. Please don't notice my crossed-eyes, lopsided boobs and Steve. Seriously, stop looking at my boobs.

Don’t believe me? You obviously need the close-up version:

With that, I have done my public service for today and have proven my love for mustaches has no bounds. Happy Monday!

P.S. This post only further solidifies The Bustache Blog as the leading search result for “VW Bus Boobies.” Hooray!

*Truth be told, this is NOT the most awkward picture of Steve and me. I have others… My vanity does have some limits.

**I just sent this to Steve to see if it was OK to post (“Too much beer and boobies?” I asked), and he thinks this picture is actually cute. I still don’t want Ryan Gosling to see it.

5 thoughts on “Ryan Gosling, please don’t read this post.

  1. Awwwww I want to drink beer for 7 hours straight with you! I am pretty sure I have plenty of awkward photos from the Betelguese house of days like that! :)

    1. Oh, Betelguese! Loved that house (and my roommates!). Estrofest was an epic invention. We should make an “Estrofest Toolkit” and make if available for all women online… don’t you think? :-(D

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