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This blog is about The Bustache – a 1979 Adventurewagen (type 2 VW Bus sold mostly in Mexico) with a bit of a sleazy first impression.  Might be the 3-foot mustache mounted on the front.  Or the zebra print captain chair covers (thanks previous owners!).  Or the ORIGINAL brown and tan paint with orange stripes.

But once you get to know him, you realize the Bustache is about love.  He’s also about happiness, and a little bit o’ magic.

He is available for birthday parties, first dates and the occasional Boss’s Day (celebrated annually on October 16th).

The Bustache invites you to be a passenger on his journey through life.  Enjoy the ride!

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  1. I just love this blog….I will so look forward to tracking his adventures….and yours!! Such a great idea!!!

  2. Don’t know if you already have one of these in your “stache” collection . . .

  3. How do we get a bustache of our own?

  4. We have the 1977 vw kombi in the same colours. We are in Australia. They are brothers!


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