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Wednesday List Wish – St. Patty’s Stache

Wednesday List Wednesday – St. Patty’s Stache

As you can imagine, I am WAY behind on WLW products.  With Christmas, Birthdays, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day come and gone, the mustache goodness overfloweth.

So, for the sake of theses staches, let’s pretend it’s March… March 17th to be exact.   Allow your mind to fill with images of leprechauns, pots o’ gold and a Guinness or two…

But, alas!  Something is missing… Something fuzzy, green and undeniably useful…

A mustache on a stick!

Steve’s sweet mom found this beauty and was kind enough to send it our way.  As the card says, the possibilities are endless!

And now to see it in action:

Lookin’ good there, Steve-O!

A BIG thank you to Steve’s mom for making our St. Patty’s Day ‘stached special.

It’s never too early to prepare for next year.  Get your own here!

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays?  Click here.

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