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Fun with Search Engines

One of the fun perks of having a blog is that, among your daily statistic reports, you get to see the kind of terms people searched the internet for before they landed on your little piece of the web.

Usually, this is helpful information provided to the blogger demonstrating how people come upon your website and what popular terms might lead them there.  It encourages us to use proper tagging for premium SEO (search engine optimization) results.  I usually get a lot of “mustache (insert noun here)” or “vw camping” or, surprisingly, “emperor tamerin monkey” (from this post).

Occasionally, however, instead of being informational, this feature just makes me worried.  Take today’s “Search Engine Terms” list for example:

Notice anything strange?

In case the subtlety was too much for you:

Oh no.

I mean, really!?!  How did this happen!?!  How did searching “VW Bus” and “boobies” result with my blog being listed?  And what was this person trying to find, anways?

And then, I remembered.  When I wrote this piece I used both of the terms listed above… in the SAME post.  Now, my blog will forever be linked with “VW Bus Boobies” enthusiasts!  Oh, the horror!!!

Actually, now that I think about it, there are much worst things to be associated with.  Besides, imagine how pleasantly surprised these unsuspecting “VW Bus Boobies” searchers will be when they are greeted with a picture of this:

Well hello there!

I guess this is just Bustache, doin’ his part, to make this world a better place.  :-(D


5 thoughts on “Fun with Search Engines

  1. I love your posts and this one is hilarious! As a blogger I can see I need to check my search engine words more carefully. Since I drive The YesWeCan CamperVan, maybe I’ll see ‘politics’, or ‘Obama’, or ‘Democrats’ or more awful words like that as the election comes closer!!!! Oh heavens above, how will I survive :)

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