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When Imaginary Friends Become Real

Did you know my first imaginary friend was a snail named Seemi?  Unless you are a member of my immediate family, I bet you didn’t.

Geez, I was a weird kid. (But apparently incredibly clever – an imaginary friend named “Seemi” (pronounced “See me”!?!) HA!  I am a genius and didn’t even know it!).

Anyway, Seemi hung around for awhile, but as the case with most imaginary friends, was eventually replaced by real friends… friends with legs and arms generally much less slime.

But when I grew older, something really awesome happened – imaginary friends came back!  These friends, however, didn’t live in my imagination as much as they lived in my computer.  They made comments on my blog.  “Liked” me on Facebook.  Followed me on Twitter.  They connected with me via The VW Camper Family.  We learned about each others lives and bonded over our common interests – all through the magic of social media.

And then one day… these friends went from living in my computer, to living in REAL LIFE (and driving buses to boot)! It happened on a sunny SoCal Sunday in January…

Here’s proof (note – all photos are courtesy of VW Bus Club California.  Go like it on Facebook!):

Me with my imaginary friends! See, I told you so! :-(D
Red Bus - This bus owner (Steve) got Red Bus when he was a teenager as his first car ever. He has now had it for 17 years! So cool!
Green Go
The Orange Crush Bus (a real beauty!)
Lucy, the Pink Bus!
I love this picture of the Bustache! Lookin' rather majestic, isn't he?

And one more photo for good measure… cuz there’s nothing cuter than VW buses and kids with ‘staches, no? (Plus, check out the photo over Bustache’s left shoulder… pretty awesome coincidence, huh!)

The Bustache is a hit with the kiddos!

We are very much looking forward to hanging out with our new real-life friends again soon.  Camp-outs?  Shows? Cruisin’?  The possibility are endless.

Want to join in the fun and become real too?  Click here and become a member of the SoCal Campers!

3 thoughts on “When Imaginary Friends Become Real

  1. Clearly, you are much nicer than me, as my imaginary friends — as confessed today — are people I’ve hung out with whose friendship is imaginary. Now, everytime you chat with me, you might have to wonder…

  2. awww – I love this! I had an imaginary friend named Merdoch (pronounced murd-otch) haha – then my sister came along! Isnt it fun to meet the virtual blogging friends… So cool!!

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