When I was a kid…

The Bustache is currently with his 4th set of permanent passengers.

He spent most of his life (27 years!) in Palmdale with his original owner.  He had a lot of fun and was well taken care of.  He traveled to parks all over the state of California.  He enjoyed living in the dryness of the desert and suffered no rust as a result.

He was then bought by a young whipper-snapper who kept him for 2 years.  He made a couple of upgrades (new stereo, zebra print chair covers & a skylight), but had to sell him due to lack of money to make even more upgrades.

In 2008, he was purchased by a cool surfer gal and lived in Pasadena for 2 years.    He spent many weekends on the beach, got a nice tan and received his current moniker.  He was put up for sale when he failed to start after suffering from a oil leak for several months.

We picked him up in July of 2010 after answering a craigslist ad and being the only responders to actually follow through (hooray for being over-achievers!).  He’s given up shaving all together and has grown some fine facial hair.  The Bustache now resides in Orange County, CA, but still wanders the open road whenever he can (and he’s still workin’ on that tan…).

Catching some rays, SoCal style.

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