The Bustache

Babies, Bugs and Baboons


The post I was supposed to have up today isn’t ready yet.  You know, the Finale to this fine piece of work?

Yeah, a busy and fun weekend left me with no time to devote to my new favorite hobby.  What is a blogger to do!?!

Quick!  I must employ Survival Strategy #1 – Buy time by razzle-dazzling your readers with pictures of cute babies, monkeys and, ideally, cute baby monkeys.

So, in order to keep your interest and gain another day,  I am going to attempt to hypnotize you with adorableness.

First – Perhaps an explanation of where my appreciation for vintage Volkswagen’s comes from.

Here are 3 pictures of my mom’s VW Bug and the cutest babies ever!

Me, apparently on a mission, in front of my first VW. I believe I am sporting a mullet.
Me imagining my future VW fleet... 1 Westy, 1 Vanagon and a Bug, for good measure.
My cutie-patootie sister with my dad's mustang and my mom's bug. My parents have good taste in old cars... and make cute babies.

Second, this weekend Steve and I took Bustache to the Santa Ana Zoo.  Fun fact about this particular OC attraction –  The founder mandated that the endowment he left to sustain the Zoo could only be used if there were at LEAST 50 monkeys there at all times.  Oh, to be rich!

After spending a couple of hours there, we can confirm that there are a lot of different kinds of monkeys, to be sure.  Our favorite, however, is hands-down the Emperor Tamarin.  Can you guess why?

Coolest monkey ever!

Third, for the grand finale –  A cute baby Emperor Tamarin monkey!!!

I die! ... Too much cuteness in one photo...

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hopefully we can finish up the  “Bustache and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” saga soon.  :-(D

6 thoughts on “Babies, Bugs and Baboons

    1. Ha! Thanks, Tim! I know! I looked through all my parents photo albums to see if they had any better pictures of the bug, but these were the only ones I could find. I guess, before digital cameras, it was hard to justify shooting your old cars when you’ve got childhoods to document. :-(D

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