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If Only I was More Like a Dog

Steve is out of town on a business trip. In Paris. PARIS.  Insert sad/jealous/bitterbuttryingtobehappyforhim face.  :-$ (Note – in case  you are a stalker, may I remind you that my cross-fitting, 6’2″, MALE roommate is still in the house.  And I have a scary 85 lbs dog who will, at the very least, get slobber… Continue reading If Only I was More Like a Dog

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Wednesday Wishlist – Mustache for Dogs


Wednesday Wishlist – Mustache for Dogs

Today’s mustached merchandise is going to make your (dog) day.  Westi REALLY needs one of these.  

Is your pup tired of being hounded at the park?  Are there days when Spot would like to go about his business without being “spotted?”  (Or do you just like dressing up your dog for your own personal entertainment?)

Either way, help your pooch go inDOGnito with their very own ‘stache (AKA chew toy).


Get your own (and one for Fido) here!

A big thanks to Crystal for finding this little gem!

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays?  Click here.