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Thurs(Wednes)day Wish List – Mustache Wrapping Paper

Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Wrapping Paper In case you have somehow avoided stumbling upon a TV Holiday Special or noticing the singing Santa’s inside the local CVS (and either would truly be a Christmas Miracle!), may I inform you, gift giving season is culminating next week! Right now you find yourself falling into 1… Continue reading Thurs(Wednes)day Wish List – Mustache Wrapping Paper

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Hippy Holidays are Underway

Note:  This weeks Wish List Wednesday will be celebrated on Thursday… a leap of logic, I know.  Hopefully, we will all survive.  Because we’re crazy, and because we both love our parents, siblings and friends too much to choose between them, Steve and I decided to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with both our families… our… Continue reading Hippy Holidays are Underway