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Hippy Holidays are Underway

Note:  This weeks Wish List Wednesday will be celebrated on Thursday… a leap of logic, I know.  Hopefully, we will all survive.  Because we’re crazy, and because we both love our parents, siblings and friends too much to choose between them, Steve and I decided to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with both our families… our… Continue reading Hippy Holidays are Underway

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Oops, I did it again.

Hello friends, You may have gotten notification today of a new Bustache post having to do with Tomatoes and Baskets (officially entitled “You Say Tomato, I say No Thank You.”  Cute, I know!). It was an unfinished post that was mistakenly published. Please disregard.   Look for the real blog post tomorrow or Sunday. I apologize… Continue reading Oops, I did it again.

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Carlsbad Adventure – Rewind Review

Looking back, I realized we never finished our review of camping at South Carlsbad State Beach.  So, without further ado, pretend it’s still August, it’s 95 degrees outside and the beach sounds like a lovely weekend get-away.  Are you there?  Good. When we last left you, Westi had just saved us $500 by helping us… Continue reading Carlsbad Adventure – Rewind Review

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Kicks Completed and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, interweb peeps! While we encourage costumes every day of the year, we revel in any holiday that makes them more universally accepted. Saturday’s “Night on the Town” Costume:  Marvin the Martian Monday’s “Work Appropriate” Attire: Hippie Note:  Authentic dress courtesy of my momma! Bustache is getting ready for some trick or treating.  I’m… Continue reading Kicks Completed and Happy Halloween!