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Hello! Long time no talk.

So, what have YOU been up to this summer?

Us?  Well, obviously we haven’t been writing blogs… but we have been doing this:

New York, New York!

And this:

Sea World, San Diego!

All in honor of this:

Getting older.

And then we did this:


And this.


And this.  :-(

Breaking down.

Then, it looked like all was well, so we did this:


But, not an hour later, this:

More breaking down. :-(

The next weekend we looked like this:


But the weekend after, we looked like this:


Because we had done this:

Summiting the top of Mt. Whitney!

Then, because we weren’t yet tired, we did this:

Paris! Posing in front of Notre-Dame.
“Love Locks” on Pont des Arts in Paris.

Where we saw a whole bunch of these:


And did an embarrassing amount of this:

Then, we went of north to see this:

Seattle! Mt. Rainier is “out.”

And this:

Catching up with old friends and Dale Chihuly.

Our summer culminated with more of this:

Camping in Santa Barbara!

And, sadly, more of this:

AAA is our best friend.

And, now, we’d like to do a lot of this:




And this:


And, hopefully, no more of this:


Hope your summer was as filled with as much laughter, excitement and happiness as ours was!  Details of these adventures coming soon.  :-(D

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