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What’s Two Tons, Noisy as Heck and ‘Stached to make a Splash?

No… it’s not the Bustache…

It’s my new favorite animal – The walrus!

Anyone else find Lewis Carroll’s “Walrus and The Carpenter” a bit creepy when they were a child?

And there is nothing like staring one down face to face with projectile fish bits being spewed in your direction (To be fair… we were the only ones staring cuz this particular walrus is blind, and he was the only one spewing).

Hello. This is Obie.

Thanks to a really cool “behind the scenes” experience at SeaWorld San Diego, a new life-long friendship was formed.

Steve providing some more ammo for the spewing.

Hey, with a face like that, I couldn’t help but go in for a little smooch.

I never could resist a man with a mo…

Steve better watch out!  Obie’s got some movez!

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