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Can we be friends? Again?


Hello.  My name is The Bustache Blog, and I have been neglected for much too long.  I do believe it is time to change this sad fact of life.

Yesterday evening, I was sitting on the couch, getting ready to catch-up on yet another neglected area of my life – Mad Men (Don’t worry Don, you are never far from my thoughts!), when Steve walked in and asked, “Do you know what today is?”

“April 25th?  Hump Day? Mad Men watching day?  Don Draper Appreciation Day?”  I answered.

“WISH LIST WEDNESDAY!” Steve replied.

“…Oh.”  Way to ruin Don Draper Appreciation Day,  Babe.

You see, I am an avoider.  It’s a HORRIBLE trait.  I really hate it about myself and am always actively trying to work on it.  But my first inclination is always to “wish it away” before I try to address it.

This happens in a lot of areas in my life – When the battery on my laptop died, I just hoped it would magically recharge itself so I wouldn’t have to figure out how to order a new one.  That was almost 3 years ago.  My laptop is really just a sleek looking desktop now.

Or when I had a strange looking freckle on my forehead (and, not to mention, a history of skin cancer in my family) it took me 6 months to finally make an appointment with the doctor.  (It turned out to be benign, but still – unacceptable).

And this blog – I’m afraid it too fell victim to this weakness.  I just hoped one day I would log-on and posts would start writing themselves… that all of the things going on in our lives would appear witty word by witty word with flattering, artsy, Instagram photos to match.

Obviously that didn’t happen.  And I would bemoan to my wonderful and supportive partner, Steve, “I really really need to start writing again.”

And Steve would say, “Yes. Yes you do.”


And then Steve would shake his head, and quietly remind me, “You love writing.  You love the Bustache and Westi and VWs and me.  This fact is not going to go away.”

Steve?  An avoider? Obviously, not so much.  He’s a “let’s figure this out and get it done” kind of guy.  This is why he is really really good for me.  But this is also why comments like the one above really really annoy me.  Because I know he is right.  And I am wrong.  I really really hate it when I am wrong.

At the same time, I am trying to be an adult these days.  It’s hard, but admitting when you are wrong is part of this whole growing up thing.  So here I go…

Stephen, my love, although your remarks last night put a bit of a damper on the shenanigans happening at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price, I concede to your wisdom.  You are right.  I love writing this blog.  I love writing it when no one reads it.  I love writing it when only my mom reads it.  And I love writing it when lots of people read it.

Since I’m on a roll … To you, gentle reader (AKA Mom & Dad) – I know I’ve been MIA lately, but can we be friends… again?  I promise not to avoid you anymore.  I might not write out of laziness, but I can promise that I won’t not write out of avoidance.  (And if you can decipher/understand that last sentence, extra mustaches for you!) :-(D

If you care to come back, upcoming posts include:

  • Online VW Friends become real life friends.
  • Something happens to me that I NEVER thought would happen.
  • How in the heck is it possible for men to run the CIA?
  • Life with an Engineer… as glamorous as it can get.
  • More Mustache Merchandise than you can handle!
  • Washington, camping, tutus and more!

See you tomorrow, Amigo?

12 thoughts on “Can we be friends? Again?

  1. dear bustache…i love you and your crazy owner :) do you think you could make the drive up I-5 all the way to Bellingham? that would be fun.

    1. And the Bustache loves you, dear bestest friend, Becky. A road trip to Washington could be in the near future (or at least a plane trip…). Gotta see the little man now that he’s circled the sun once! Love!

  2. Glad you’re back, we all missed you. Was looking for you at Buses by the Bridge??? You should make it a road trip and take some time doing it. We took off after BBB and did a road trip to Florida !!!! If you are looking for an excuse to just set down, check my pictures of the trip, which include a tour through Carlsbad Caverns and some aliens (Family) in Roswell, NM. Almost 900 pics. Get some snacks and watch the slideshow.

    Dec. 19, 2011 -Feb. 2012 (169)
    1. Hi Gary! Well, you helped me firm up my Friday night plans! A slide show of BBB it is! We are definitely going to try to make it next year. This year we were in Baja for 10 days right before BBB. It would have been a little hectic trying to do both. 2013 will be the year, though!

      1. The first one is of the trip to Florida. If you would like to start with BBB, which was before we headed east, watch this first, then the trip.

  3. I can tell you that Sierra has been MIA because she put on the most amazing Spirit of Volunteerism Awards event for 1,025 people last week! She is a super star and made 400 volunteers feel very special and honored for the work they have done to make Orange County a better place! Love your writing!

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