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Update to Kiddos Quandary

After yesterday’s post, you might be worried that Steve and I will never have children because they are really needy and get in the way of my frozen-yoghurt eating.

But I have good news!  We can now be cool with having kids!


Because I found this (Thanks, Gus the VW Bus!):

How awesome, right!?!

And, since it doesn’t come in a queen-bed size and Westi can’t climb ladders, I guess we’ll have to have babies in order to get one.

And the coolest part?  It’s DIY!  Click here for all the steps and instructions.

My only criticism is it needs more pillows.   (OMG! I never thought of that!  The more kids we have, the more beds we’ll need, the MORE PILLOWS I CAN BUY!!!  Bring on the babies!!!)

7 thoughts on “Update to Kiddos Quandary

  1. that really is awesome. if you just can’t resist until your babies come along, you can buy it for nephew alec :)

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