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Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Wine (Part Duex)

Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Wine (Part Duex)

Last night Steve and I had a very fancy dinner … by accident.  Our plan was to grab a bite to eat, and then head to a bar to toast the good news surrounding Prop 8.  After turning to our trusty friend, Yelp, we settled on a place called The Old Vine Cafe.  “New American Food” at the $$ range?  Perfect. 

But after settling into our table and perusing our menus, it became very apparent that this establishment more appropriately belong in the $$$$ price category.  It has 6-8 prefix (translation – mucho dinero!) dinner options – 4 seasonal-courses with wine pairings for each.   This definitely wasn’t the Chili’s/Bucca di Beppo’s experience we were aiming for, but, we decided, if you can’t splurge for love equality, what can you splurge for? 

So we stayed.

And I think we can both say, we are glad we did!  We ended up splitting the vegan tasting menu and adding two small a la carte plates (with meat and cheese.  Whoa!  Can you handle the contradiction!?!) to supplement.  Every single course was delicious!  If you’re in Orange County and looking for a nice night out, we highly recommend The Old Vine Cafe!

Now what does this unexpected adventure have to do with Wish List Wednesday?  Well, from my seat, I looked directly into the wine cellar.  And from the darkness, I could just make out the white labels below.  They were like beacons of light, calling me to investigate further. 

Could it be?

While Steve got up to use the restroom, I snuck a closer look – camera in hand, of course.

It is!

I know I’ve posted plenty about spirits of the ‘stached species.  If you stumbled upon this blog, you might think I have a problem.  But I promise, I’m really not that obsessed with alcohol… who knew fermentation and furry faces ran in the same social circle?  Anyways, the last Mustache Wine I posted about was Romanian, and I get 30 or so hits a week on this blog from people searching “Mustache Wine.”  I feel I owe everyone a choice from a more reputable grape-growing region.

Without further ado, I present you with “Dexter Lake – A NorCal Red Wine:”

A Californian Native

While we didn’t get a chance to taste it, I’ve read some favorable reviews.  I’m sure you’d be safe to serve it at your next soirée.  If you get a chance, you can check out their blog.  They seem to be kindred (‘stached) spirits… :-(D   Or, buy your own bottle here!

On our way out of the restaurant,  I made Steve take a picture of me with the wine.  He was embarressed, but he did it anyways.  That is love.


Can’t remember why we’re doing Wish List Wednesdays?  Click here.

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