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Christmas ‘Staches are Ringing

A quick update from the land of furry faces…

It’s official –

I have the coolest boss ever! 

Look at the perfect presents I found on my desk yesterday:

Que angels singing!

Those, my friends, are a Mustache Baking Mold and a box of Mustache Band-aids.  I bet you never knew you needed these until now!

My oh-so-awesome and supportive boss gifted them to me.  It’s so nice to have a superior affirm your slight obsession.  :-(D

I couldn’t help but put them to good use right away:

She also gave me some red & white striped straws because I love them. That is why I took this somewhat strangely composed picture. No judging.

Mmmmm... Mustache....

What a great way to kick-off Christmas!

And lest you think all the gift-giving has been focused on me…

Bustache got a little somethin, somethin too:

A new black mustache! Look pretty debonair there, Buddy!

OK.  Time to get on the road and head up to the Bay.  Christmas #1 starts tonight.

Safe travels to all, and to all a ‘stached night!

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