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Thurs(Wednes)day Wish List – Mustache Wrapping Paper

Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Wrapping Paper

In case you have somehow avoided stumbling upon a TV Holiday Special or noticing the singing Santa’s inside the local CVS (and either would truly be a Christmas Miracle!), may I inform you, gift giving season is culminating next week!

Right now you find yourself falling into 1 of 2 categories:

The 1% (boo…hiss….) – You’re an over-achiever and have finished your holiday shopping. Being among the truly elite, you’ve also completed a couple of personalized Christmas crafts, baked 23 batches of cookies and decorated a 15 foot Fir. Most of America resents you.

The 99% (What do we want? Free 1-day shipping! When do we want it? Until December 24th!) – You’re among the masses of procrastinators that make up most of this country. You are still debating whether or not an e-Holiday/New Years/MLK Day card is tacky or practical. Then you realize it doesn’t matter because you won’t end up sending it anyways. Gift list completed? No way. That would ruin your Christmas Eve tradition of re-enacting Black Friday (embracing the mosh-pit like crowds… bargaining away your soul to another fellow procrastinator for that final pink iPod … pepper-spraying old ladies for the last Tickle-Me-Elmo…). Except this time you’re actually going to go shopping for someone other than yourself.

You may think it’s impossible to find a wishlist product appropriate for both of these characters, but it can be done! You see, whether you’re the over or under-acheiver, there is NO WAY that you have all of your wrapping done (and if you do, we should never meet).

Enter, Mustache Gift Wrapping – The only way to stash your ‘stached suprise!

Wrap it up pretty, folks. Leave it to the ‘stache to bring us together this holiday season.

Get your own gifting gusto here!

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays? Click here.

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