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Hippy Holidays are Underway

Note:  This weeks Wish List Wednesday will be celebrated on Thursday… a leap of logic, I know.  Hopefully, we will all survive. 

Because we’re crazy, and because we both love our parents, siblings and friends too much to choose between them, Steve and I decided to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with both our families… our wonderful families… who live 400 miles apart.

One holiday down.  One holiday to go.

Actually, it sounds much worse then it is.  With Thanksgiving under our belts, I feel confident that Santa will make it to both houses in one piece.

On the eve of Turkey Day, Steve, Westi and I loaded our stuff into Bustache and made our way down to San Diego.

Of course, we dressed Westi up to mark the occasion. This is how she looked when she greeted Steve's parents.

On our way down south we stopped to get a pumpkin pie at a delightful little bakery in Encinitas, called Elizabethan Desserts.  If you’re in the area, you should definitely stop by.  It shares a plot with a plant nursery making it feel all outdoorsy and secluded and rural-ish. Oh, and it has some delicious sugary goodies too!

I would like to say we went here due to some long standing tradition or insider-local knowledge.  Those stories are always the best.  But, as most modern adults do these days,  we found it on Yelp.  It got 4.5 stars.  We were sold.  And good thing we were, because look what treat we found (and then promptly consumed):

They call it, "Mustachio Pistachio."
You're not too cute to be eaten.

After our delectable detour, Bustache made it to Steve’s parents house.  For the next 2 days, we ate, drank, talked and philosophized.  And we enjoyed sunsets like this:

Way to stay classy, San Diego.

And quality bonding time like this:

Westi does not seem to mind being picked up... or dressed in ridiculous costumes. She is our perfect match!

And after no more than 48 hours in the South-land, we were on the road back up to Orange County.

Drive-by shooting.

From there we flew up to San Jose for Thanksgiving Round 2 – this time celebrating with my side of the family (sans Westi…she got an extended play-date with a friend).  For the next two days, we ate, drank, talked and philosophized.

And then we enjoyed the most amazing pecan pie ever made:

I hear rumors there will be another showing of this pie at Christmas.

And after no more than 48 hours in the Bay-land, we hopped on a plane bound for the OC.

I’d say Thanksgiving was a success x 2.  Better get ready to do it again in 1.5 weeks.

Seriously, Parents – why do you make it so we actually WANT to spend the holidays with both sets of you?  If one pair would just become unbearable then we might actually be able to choose… For now, however, Yelp confirms – you’re both 5.0 stars.  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Two of each, please.

(Yes, Siblings, that is a sappy technology parental joke that is sure to clinch us the biggest piece of Christmas pie.  Booyah! o<(:-(D)

How about you?  How are you splitting (or not splitting) the holidays?  What is your funniest Yelp joke?  Do share…

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