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Wednesday Wish List – Mustaches for Me!

Wednesday Wish List – Mustaches for Me!

Posts have been a bit light lately as the Holiday season has snuck up on us all!

… And it’s been cold (even by non-SoCal standards!).  And when it’s cold, the only thing I apparently know how to do is light candles, drink hot chocolate and watch Nip/Tuck reruns (BTW – that show is messed up… But.  I. can’t. stop. watching!).   There has been a lot of that going on in our house these days…

Lucky for us all (especially Steve), there’s a heat-wave in our horizon.  I will soon emerge from the blanket-fort I’ve permanently wrapped around my body, and, with any luck, my fingers will once again be warm enough to start typing.

Until then, look at what came in the mail yesterday!

A perfectly decorated package from some long-lost college friends in Washington State!  The note reads:

“Sierra & Steve, Enjoy these little ‘stache gifts!  We couldn’t resist contributing to the Bustache! :-)

And inside?

A talking ‘stache key-chain!

Press the button, and it says, "Well, HellOOoo there!"

And Mustache Mints!

Never under-estimate the importance of fresh breath.
Steve - not underestimating.

While we are currently enjoying these in person, we hope you can join in the fun too!

Snap-up your own speaking ‘stache here!

Capture more kisses here!

And to our most recent benefactors,

P. & B.,

Thank you so much!  This made our week.  :-(D 

(It may not have made my co-workers week, however…I am currently sporting the speaking ‘stache at work, and I think they are ready to throw me and my “Hello There” key-chain out the window.  I may have pushed the button one (or twenty) too many times.  Oops!)

Hopefully, we’ll get to give you a ride in the Bustache sometime soon!
~Sierra & Steve

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays?  Click here.

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