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You say, Tomato. I say, No Thank You.

For those of you who know us, you might look at Steve and I and say, “I can see why they work.  They are so much alike.

They both came from similar family backgrounds, have compatible political and social views and abide by a cooresponding value system.  They went to the same college and have the same passion for traveling, VWs and Angry Birds.  They both agree that Modern Family is the best show on TV and that Sriracha is the worlds best condiment.  They are just two peas in a pod!”

But au contraire, dear Reader!  Little do you realize, we couldn’t be more different.  After thinking about my “opposites attract lesson” from the other day, I thought I’d finally let the cat out of the bag…

  1. Food
    She likes to eat food at its intended temperature of consumption.

    Steve: He likes to eat food at whatever its current temperature might be.
  2. Tomatoes
    Steve:  Loves them!  He believes the moisture they add to sandwiches and burgers is vital.

      Does not like them.  Although, she is a fan of most of its bi-products.

    (And before you get into it, Yes.  I have tried organic, home-grown and wild tomatoes.  I have tried big , medium and little ones.  I have tried red and green and the pretty heirloom colored ones (false advertizing!).  When consumed, all of them cause a gagging reflex of some kind.  I think it’s the texture… or the weird bitter/sweet taste.  Regardless, I do not like them.  I wish I did.  They are pretty, smooth and apparently add critical moisture to sandwiches and burgers.  But I can’t.  I just can’t.)
  3. Baskets
    Steve:  Apparently, he does not see the value of baskets for their pleasant look and cleaning capabilities.

    This is how Steve leaves the bathroom each morning.

    Sierra: She does see the value of baskets for their simple organization function and quaint appearances.

    How I leave the bathroom each morning.

    You might think I have a magical cleaning fairy, but I don’t!  It’s just that I use the basket!

    Everything has its place while looking pretty cute!
  4. Playing Sports
    Steve: Sees them as a great way to exercise and socialize with friends.  He plays soccer and volleyball every week.  He enjoys the occasional tennis or golf game, and most recently, he started playing flag-football.

    Sierra: Sees them as an opportunity to get hurt, made fun of, or both.
    Last year, in an attempt to please Steve, I signed up for my first sports team since 8th grade Volleyball (which was my first sports team EVER).  It was a kick-ball league.  At the ripe-old age of 28 I purchased my first pair of cleats.  They were pretty cool.  I wore them 4 times, made it on base once, caught zero balls and when the season ended, they have failed to see the light of day again.
  5. Sundays
    Steve:  He believes Sundays should be used to do things – go see the world, explore our county, walk on the beach or partake in some of that sports playing mentioned above.

    Sierra: She believes Sundays should be used to rest (I mean, it is in the Bible!  Sheesh!).  And by “rest” she means, go to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee made my someone other than her, come back home and watch 3 hours of TLC wedding shows and then a Johnny Depp movie.
  6. Showering
    Steve: Showers in the morning.

    Sierra: Showers at night.

    This means we are never clean at the same time! :-(

So, there you have it. And there are probably even more differences I haven’t even thought of yet!  Yeah, I have no idea how we make it work either.

I guess we just need to keep going back to those things we do agree on – the Bustache and hot sauce.

And you? Who are the “opposites” that you’ve attracted in  your life?  How do you make up for these differences?  Do you shower in the morning or at night?


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