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When Opposites Attract

I moved from the Northern California to Orange County almost two-years ago (All for love.  I know, awwwwe!  … Steve, you owe me big time!).  And I was positive it would be a hard transition.

When it comes to politics, I fit in more aptly with the liberal-mindedness of the Bay.   As for appearances?  The big-boobed, blonde-hair, sun-kissed stereo-typical OC woman couldn’t be farther from my look.  And in the land of HUGE malls and shopping centers, I still prefer the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

And, so, I’ll admit… when Bustache came into our lives, the thought of getting a VW Bus and driving it passed my neighborhoods Lexus’, BMW’s and Audi’s made me feel (with glee!) a little “stick-it-to-the-man-ish.”  I mean, the Kombi is pretty much the complete opposite of these luxury vehicles.  I was excited by the thought of owning something that audaciously screamed, “That’s right, OC.  I voted for Obama, I recycle, I love the gays and you can’t make me hide it.  Take this 10-foot tall, 32-year-old hippie-bus WITH a mustache parked in front of your perfectly manicured lawn and deal with it!”

Can we say, passive aggressive much?

Yeah, after almost 2-years, I now know my initial sentiments were…. presumptuous.

Life in the OC hasn’t been so bad.  In fact, I’d venture to say it’s been pretty great.  I’ve worked with amazing people doing amazing work in our communities (some who are large-chested, tan and blonde, and some who are not!).  I’ve found a job that touches over 650 local-nonprofits through volunteerism, philanthropy and social media.  I’ve met inspiring business leaders that strive to make our county more equitable for all people.  I’ve even come in contact with a few Obama supporters and LGBT activists.

And, you know what?  There are thousands of VW Buses and Bugs all over Orange County!  It looks like, behind the Orange curtain, people appreciate the hippie-mobile.  Now that we own one, they are ubiquitous.  What I thought would be an isolating purchase of politics, actually became a catalyst for us coming together with others.

A Sampling of the VW Peeps in OC

Which brings us to our neighbors…  You know, the ones I wanted to “stick-it-to?”

They LOVE the Bustache.  He’s become a bit of a neighborhood celebrity.  They cheer him on as we leave for a big adventure and congratulate us when we get home safely.  They offer stories of their own bus memories and experiences.  With each wave, smile and anecdote, they reinforce what cool people they are and what a judgmental jerk I can be.

Sure.  There are definitely things I miss about up north.  And there are things that certainly drive me crazy about SoCal.  But, these last couple of  years have proven that opposites can attract.   Finding common-ground in the most unlikely of places is possible – even when it’s on 4-wheels and adorned with a 3-foot Mo.

What about you?  Has your presumptions about a place ever been proven false?  Has your vehicle ever unexpectedly brought you together with someone?   Quinoa or Kale?

Speaking of opposites, find out how we make the oppositeness of Steve and I work in our next post…

5 thoughts on “When Opposites Attract

  1. Beautifully written post! Of course I, too have had some presumptuous moments, but have never been able to convey them as eloquently as you! People in those rich NJ hoods, umm. they like your veedub. So do those clerks at the fancy hotel. And well, of course the hippies like it, too, We have met so many incredible people, all because of our ride. Go Bustache!

    1. So true, Angela. I wouldn’t have guessed it a year and a half ago, but I think the best part of owning a Bus is the people we get to meet because of it! Definitely a surprise, but a good one!

      Also, glad to see you and your family are back on the road in SA. We’ll be keeping track of your amazing adventure! :-(D

  2. Totally agree – a poignant post that brings a smile….. first because we have all been there with those “moments” and secondly, because luckily, I believe we will all continue to be pleasantly surprised at the desire and the ability of people to connect in so many wonderful, crazy ways! Angela, I have just connected with you and your blog…it’s amazing!!

    1. Yes, bodeswell.org is pretty darn cool. What a to take life by it’s horns and live!!! I love reading about their journey. It’s amazing how many ways we can connect these days… through a friendly wave, a bus, a blog… the possibilities are endless! :-(D

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