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Halloween Update

Another Halloween has come an gone.  Much fun was had… too much candy was eaten.

We had good night.  It could have been a GREAT night if Steve had been willing to go a long with my “passing candy out from Bustache” idea.

You see, our neighborhood is one of those neighborhoods that goes all out for Halloween.  It’s the place that parents drive their kids to from miles away.  It is a trick-or-treating destination.

Yards are turned into haunted houses, grave-yards and mazes.  Sound effects, smoke machines and strobe lights are must for decorating.  For 3 straight hours, people just stand at their front doors passing out full-size candy-bars… there is no time to sit down.

And when I say our neighborhood, I actually mean one measly block away from where we really live.  Our house is right on the edge of the fun.  Families rarely make it all the way down to our abode… there is so much more going on in the heart of the community!  We’re lucky to get 3 or 4 visitors.  Meanwhile, less than 50 yards away, houses are bombarded with hundreds of costumed-clad kids.  We are so close… and yet, so far!

Thus, I thought we could include ourselves by going mobile… drive the Bustache 2 blocks west, and VIOLA!  We’re in the thick of it.  But the logistics of it were a little bit tricky.  Who’s house would we park in front of?  How would parents react?  What would we do if the cops came?  Bustache is no get-away car.

And then there is the creepy factor…

Alas…in the end, we chickened out.

So, what to do when your dreams are shattered and your outsider status threatens to remain the whole night?

Dress up your dog up in multiple costumes, take her trick-or-treating and force yourself into the action!

First, we decked Westi out as a ballerina and made her pose for lots of pictures.

Note:  Our dog is so big now.  We got Westi at 6 months, and she was 35lbs.  When she was 9 months we were told by the vet she’d most likely grow between 55lbs to 60lbs.  At 1 year 3 months, we finally had her officially weighed last week, and she is actually 85lbs!  The good news?  She and I wear the same size.  Hooray for sharing clothes!

That is my tank top. The skirt is meant for a 12-year old girl.

Second, we made her do some tricks for a treat.


Then Steve had the idea of putting her in the “Marvin the Martian” costume I wore on Saturday.  I couldn’t refuse this kind of opportunity.

Why do you let us get away with this, Dog? I think you are too trusting...

Satisfied with this look, we went out to get some candy.  Westi was a big hit with everyone!

More or less creepy than passing out candy from a bus?

Finally, we came back home, ate Westi’s candy (What?  Dogs can’t eat chocolate!) and curled up on the couch to watch the Chargers lose.

I’d say it turned into a successful Halloween after-all.

Now, there’s only one question left to ask:


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