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Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Mug

Wednesday Wish List – Mustache Mug


I have another furry treat for you (but that’s really for me, because someone already gifted it to me!  Thank you, Mom!)!

Coffee?  Tea?  Do they make you happy? But when they’re gone, is your joy denied?

I see.  Here’s the key – imagine if your mug made you giddy?  No matter the liquid inside.

Be free.  Be like me.  Go on a little shopping spree.  It’s a ‘stache you can use with pride!

Buy a mustache mug!  Makes each morning the best. morning. ever.

Well, hello there!

Get your own here!

Now, gratuitous pics of me enjoying my new favorite cup!  Thanks, Mom!!

Creepily staring at you...
Now, looking uninterested in you... off in the distance is facinating!

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays?  Click here.

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