The Bustache

I Will Not v. I Will

In light of our Just Say “No” to Option 2 revelation (thanks, Bustache!), I’ve been thinking about the other bad choices I make in my everyday life that might be questionable.

To honor my newly learned lesson and my proclamation that I will not drive Bustache in a rain storm or balance a glass of wine on my white down-comforter, I now publicly proclaim the additional “Option 2’s” I will no longer be guilty of choosing.

1.   I will not unplug an electrical device by pulling the cord from a standing position.

I will make the effort to bend over, grab the end, and remove the cord out of the wall in a safe fashion.

2. I will not wear high-heels while climbing a ladder.

I will take my heels off before safely ascending.

3. While I’m at it, I will not substitute the nearest mobile object for a ladder.

I will actually use a ladder when appropriate.

4. I will not play “chicken” with my gas-gauge.

I will fill my gas tank within 5-miles of the gas-light going on. (I know – this one isn’t overly ambitious, but I’m trying to be realistic!)

5. And, finally, I will not microwave my metal travel mug to warm up my coffee “just enough” before it bursts into flames.

I will transfer the contents of my mug into a microwave safe container.

Alrighty, that should cover all the “Option 2” choices I made this past weekend.  If I think of more, I will let you know!

Join the club! Any “Option 2” decisions you’d like to vow never to do again?


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