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The P Problem

It’s confession time on the internets…  I have a problem.

In our house, we refer to it as the “P” problem – as if it is too powerful to be named… like Lord Voldemort or the porcupine-like creatures from “The Village” (did anyone but me actually see that?  I still have faith that M. Night Shyamalan will return to his glory days!).

This particular problem manifests itself  in every room of our house.   And I know that I’m the one responsible.  But I can’t help myself.  It’s a compulsion… an addiction… a insatiable desire!

What is a modern-adult to do?  Well, first I will blame my parents.  My mom has this problem too, and whether it was nature or nurture, I know she is partly culpable for my issue.

Second, I will no longer be afraid to name it.  We cannot fight what we do not know… So, in front of the whole world-wide-web, I will announce my shame and unveil this obsession.  Ready?





I love love love PILLOWS!  I love them on chairs, on beds, and on couches.  I would have them on the toilets if I could.  I think they are so pretty and soft and cuddly.  They instantly make a room homey and inviting.  They add color, style and creativity in one fell-swoop.  I. LOVE.  PILLOWS.

As you if you needed proof,  I will now present some evidence.

When you walk into our bedroom:


7 Pillows!

Our guest bedroom:


6 Pillows!

Our Living Room (this is a picture of our old furniture, we just got a new couch last week):


8 Pillows!

Our New Living Room set-up (Notice how HUGE the new couch is compared to our old one?  And I’m using the same amount of pillows.  That just doesn’t seem right, does it? I REALLY want to by a couple more to fill it out a bit, but I’m trying to be good…)

(Not enough) PILLOWS!

Still Only 8 Pillows...

And, Westi’s bed (yes.  I know.  This one does seem a little excessive…):


3 Pillows (for a very cute dog!)

Now, you may have noticed, that this “infestation” has moved on to the Bustache.  As an extension of our home, I felt it necessary to deck him out.


4 Pillows in Table-Mode!
6 Pillows in Couch-Mode!
10 Pillows in Bed-Mode! My Most Favorite Mode of All!

You have to admit.  These pillows do make Bustache look pretty snazzy and feel super cozy.  But, they do take up some precious space in a not-so-big place.  I’m not sure how many more we can fit in there.  But Steve is sure.  He says, “None.”

In fact, when I was out shopping the other day, and I texted Steve that I was looking at some really cute pillows, he sent me this:

Hmmm… I guess I’ve reached Steve’s (which translates to my) limit.    No more pillows.

For now.

Maybe just a couple for the new couch… :-(D

What about you?  Any ridiculous obsessions you’d like to admit to and get off your chest?

12 thoughts on “The P Problem

  1. Ha!! I JUST bought two more pillows for when you and Steve visit! That’s in addition to the five (multi-colored, I might add) pillows already on the bed. And of course, we have the frog….who is one of our favorites….and the bear pillow……you will feel right at home, Sierra!! :) Looking forward to seeing you both!!!

    1. Saqib! So great to hear from you. Yes. Social media can create weird connections here and there. :-)

      Socks, huh? Classic white? Bold Black? Or are you daring with the multi-color ones?

      1. I plead the Fifth. Prospective employers might read this. All confessions of sock obsessions must be had offline.

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