The Bustache

Westi Saves the Day and Earns Her Keep

Last weekend we went camping.  And Westi saved us $300.

It was only for one night, but, as all Bustache journeys are, it was a wonderful (and much needed) adventure.

Steve had just returned from a work trip to Nevada and was just about to leave again for a longer non-work related vacation. We needed some quality “family” time with Westi, the Bustache and us.

I managed to get a last minute reservation at South Carlsbad campground for Saturday.

We left the OC early in the morning and headed down south. It was already warm, and we were happy that our destination was the beach.

After taking a couple of detours, we made it to the South Carlsbad State Beach entrance and came upon this intersection.

Notice anything strange?

Seemed simple enough.  The park is on the left, so we got into the left-hand turn lane (imagine the white truck in the picture above is a large brown & hairy VW Bus).  We waited for the arrow to change to green, and we turned into the park entrance.

But wait! We suddenly realized we’re on the wrong side of the road!  How did this happen?  Did we just enter a black hole?  Was this the rapture?

We swerved, allowed a couple expletives to escape from our lips and ran over a few cones attempting to correct this mistake (Bustache is many things, but, agile, he is not).  Within a few awkward moments, we were back safely on right side of the road.

But we were too late and too slow… the State Beach Police pulled up behind us, sirens blaring.

Side note: This is the first time The Bustache has ever been pulled over on our watch. We’ve been a bit surprised by this, as he’s the perfect target for a grumpy highway patrol officer.   But we’ve lucked out thus far…. Although, I guess we know he’d never be pulled over for speeding.  (Steve would now like a compliment on his excellent driving skills – Good job, Love!).

Steve rolled down his window.

“Please pass me your drivers-license, registration and insurance.” The cop commanded.

“I’m so sorry, officer. I’m not sure what happened… we just made a left and ended up going in the wrong direction.” Steve apologized.

“Didn’t you see the sign? It says ‘U-turn ONLY.'”

We could see the sign from where we were sitting. He was right.  It said, “U-turn ONLY.”

Tricky, tricky sign… We assumed it said, “No U-turn” or “U-turn OK” like 99.9% of signs that has this symbol on it:

But, “U-Turn Only?”  In what seemed like a normal left-hand turn lane?

A closer look at the tricky sign.

The cop took our paperwork and went back to his car to analyze our criminal history.  We were obviously in the wrong, but we were not excited about getting a ticket over this honest mistake.

Westi, with her spidey sense, must of understood this, because she perked right up to attention and did exactly what she was supposed to do.

Westi, ready for duty.

She hopped up on the back ledge, stuck her nose against the back window, put on her cutest puppy face, and looked directly at the officer as he ran our information.

Westi assumes the "get us out of this ticket" position.

“What’s talking so long? Is he writing a ticket?”  Steve sighed.

“I don’t think so… He’s playing with Westi.”

As we timidly glanced back, there he was… making funny faces, waving at Westi, and placing his hand on the glass so she could “lick” it.

When the he finally made his way back to Steve’s window, he said, “I’m going to give you a warning this time. Be careful out there, and read these signs more thoroughly.”

“We will!”

“Are you camping with us today?”


“Well, come by and say “hi” later.  And bring your dog!”

With that, he let us go.  Thanks to Westi, we avoided a $300 ticket and 2 points on Steve’s driving record! We could now proceed with the rest of our adventure in peace. Yippee!

As for Westi, this ALMOST makes up for the 3 pairs of $45 Rainbows she’s eaten.

Goodbye perfectly-formed-to-my-feet sandals...

And the 10 other pairs of shoes that she has destroyed.

Shoes = Westi's Crack. She cannot stay away.

When it comes to cops, however, Westi earns her keep with cuteness!

Good dog, Westi!

7 thoughts on “Westi Saves the Day and Earns Her Keep

  1. Ha Ha! That’s such a cool story. I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a U-Turn ONLY sign. Just seems like bad traffic management to me. I’ve had the Pig for two years and I haven’t been pulled over yet. I always feel a little leery on certain occasions. If it’s late at night (I hate driving at night), and every time that I have ever left Red Rocks after a show in the bus, I am always anticipating there is a 90% chance I’m getting pulled over. Lucky thing I only do Red Rocks like once or twice a year. Maybe cops like VW Buses these days. It ain’t the 60’s anymore. :)

    1. Thanks for validating our thoughts on a U-Turn ONLY sign. At least we’re not completely oblivious! I hope you keep the Pig trend going… probably wouldn’t hurt to knock of some wood though! :-(D

  2. Glad it all worked out! Hmmm…something seems a bit fishy here. Pulled over by State Beach Police at the entrance to the State Beach exactly where a sign that 99% of the world has never seen exists. I know they shut down some state parks in CA, right, because of the budget? Well, good ole’ South Carlsbad State Beach came up with a scheme to not only stay open, but make money in the process! :)

    1. Ah! I hadn’t thought of this. But I think you might be right… Shame on them – using the Bustache as a revenue generating tool for the state. Maybe if they asked nicely, we’d let them do it willingly!

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