The Bustache

Why we have a dog named “Westi.”

I wanted to write a post entitled “How Westi Saves the Day and Earns Her Keep,” but I realized I hadn’t properly introduced Westi yet.

For those of you who don’t know, Westi is our 14 month old Doberman mix.  We adopted her in February from the OC Animal Care shelter.  (<— Click this link, and you can see all the amazing animals up for adoption!  It is a really wonderful facility with a great caring staff.  If you are considering adopting your next pet, this is a great place to start!)

She is pretty darn awesome, and so, we had to name her after something pretty darn awesome.

Now, that is one awesome dog!

We needn’t look any further than the Bustache.

Dog + Bustache = ....?

Bustache has the honor of being a part of the Westfalia family.  Westfalia (“Westy” as the cool kids call it) is the designation for specially converted VW campervans.  These became very popular between 1968 – 1979.  Being born in 1979, Bustache just squeezed in at height of this trend.

(If your interested, you can find more about the origin of Westfalia’s by poking around here.)

As we considered a name for our new pooch, we knew we didn’t like the sound of “Bus.”  Or “W.”  Or “Type 2.”

“Westfalia” or “Westy,” on the other hand, had a nice ring to it.  But, because we are Californians and psuedo-hippies, we had to go with the unique spelling.  Thus, “Westi” was agreed upon.  (She is only called “Westfalia” when she’s in trouble!)


For the last 7 months, Westi has joined us on our adventures, at home and out on the road.  She loves Bustache, and Bustache loves her!

Love all around.
Our family.

There you have it!  Now you can stay tuned for our next post, “How Westi Saves the Day and Earns Her Keep.” :-(D


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