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How Bustache makes me a “cool” girlfriend.

It was Sunday at 7pm.  Steve and I had just spent the last 3 hours sitting on the couch.  The sun we just giving a hint that it would like to set soon.  I was getting ready to change into my pj’s and call it a night.

That’s when Steve got up and suddenly exclaimed, “Want to go and BBQ on the beach?”

My knee-jerk response?  No.  It’s too late.  The fog is starting to roll in.  We have to work tomorrow.  We don’t own a bbq for the beach.  We have no food.  We didn’t plan this far enough in advanced to make it work.  I am lame.

My “I’m going to be a fun, spur-of-the-moment, supportive girlfriend” actual response?  “Sure!  Let’s take Bustache.”

For an overly organized, obsessively prepared, carefully planned gal like myself, the Bustache is key in making this “carpe-diem” response possible.  If it was too cold, we could utilize one of his many blankets, pillows and/or socks (yes, thanks to Steve’s mom, we have “Bustache socks”).  If it was too windy, we could eat in him.  If we couldn’t find a grill, we could cook the food on his stove.  It it was too dark, we could grab Bustache’s lantern.  If Westi became too hard to handle, we could “crate” her in him.  Bustache gave us (let’s be honest, me) a plan B, C and D.

Thanks to Bustache, I appear like I’m completely fine with “playing it by ear” (Steve’s Life Mantra) while I’m secretly indulging in my Type-A tendencies.  And Steve, non-the-wiser, get’s what he’s always wanted – a cool, calm, laid-back girlfriend to join him as he caters to his whims.

In 5-minutes we are on the road heading to Home Depot and Albertson’s to pick up a hibachi grill and food.

Steve happy to have such an awesome, go-with-the-flow girlfriend.
On our way to the beach. Hopefully you are too distracted by the beauty to notice Bustache's dirty window.
Driving down the PCH.

By 7:45pm we had made it down to Newport Beach just as the sun disappeared into the water.

Can't believe I almost missed this!
Westi enjoying the sunset and beach.

Steve got to work putting the grill together in the dark.  Bustache provided some much needed tools, flashlights and towels to make it happen.

Steve setting up the grill with flashlight in mouth. Westi is supervising.

We grilled some sausages, enjoyed the sound of the surf, talked about how we’re going to change the world and committed to doing this at least once a week until the end of the September.  It was a fantastic night, and it happened thanks to Bustache.

Bustache saves the day!

Bustache having his Baywatch moment.

The Baywatch theme song feels aptly appropriate right now.

Sing it!

I’ll be ready
I’ll be ready
Never you fear
No, don’t you fear
I’ll be ready
Forever and always
I’m always here.

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