The Bustache

Wednesday Wishlist – Mustache Clock

Wednesday Wishlist – Mustache Clock


Do you know what time it is?   Well, if you have a cell phone, iPad, laptop, desktop computer or digital watch, you probably do…

But, if you want to be as hip and retro as those of us who own a 40 year-old car, you might want to consider getting a clock with hands.  Your friends will think you’re pretty neat reading the time just like your grandparents did.

Of course we can’t be JUST like grandma.  Modernize things by getting this Mustache Time-Teller – making Bustache time all the time!

Don't worry. You can still use your iPhone. This is really just for looks.

Get your own here!

Can’t remember why we’re doing Wishlist Wednesdays?  Click here.

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