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You know you STILL want me.

If you missed Part I, you can make it up to me by clicking here.

After Ms. E informed us she was selling the Bustache to another buyer, we went on with our lives.  Every once-in-awhile we’d see a kombi on the road, and we’d comment about what could have been.  I’d occasionally peruse craigslist, but nothing lived up to the standard set by the Bustache.

Another month passed, and one morning we got an e-mail from our friend, the owner of Peach.   He was passing along a posting for a van in the Bay Area.

“Pretty good deal on a VW bus camper,” he wrote.

I clicked on the link.  It was $5500.  5 minutes later, Steve e-mails.

“$5500!?!?!? whatever happened to Bustache?”

I replied, “Bustache got sold to the other guy.  He came through.  :-(“

Not 30 seconds later I get a call from an unidentified number.  I send it to my voice-mail.  I wait for my message light to come on.  It does, and I listen:

“Hi Sierra.  This is Ms. E.  I know it’s been forever, but it turns out Bustache never got sold.  I wanted to check if you were still interested.  Call me back if you are.”

Now if that isn’t fate, I don’t know what it is.  The universe was pointing us in a pretty clear direction.

I immediately sent her the following e-mail:

“Hi Ms. E, Hope you are well!!!
OK.  This is so weird – I literally just sent the e-mail below to Steve  —  It was exactly 2 minutes before you called!  I thought Bustache was gone forever!!!  I think it’s destiny. :-)  We’d love to come and look at him.”

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, we schedule to see him that Friday.

Four months from our first ride in Peach and our first hint of Bustache’s existence, we finally see him in person.  He is glorious.  And within a week, he is ours.

Much happened in that week… but we’ll save that post for another day. :-)

Also, I have some really fun pictures of the night we brought Bustache home … but I cannot find them!  Once I locate them, I will updated this post with some top-notch photography.

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