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Mini-Me Mentality.

I’m not sure what it is about the Bustache, but he makes me want to buy miniature things.

It’s like I want to shrink down all of the appliances, gadgets, housewares and decor I have in my “real” life, and transport them into my “on-the-go in a Camper Van” life.

Sometimes this works.  But, as demonstrated in the case below, I’ve come to realize this philosophy is not all that logical.

I was in Ross the other day, and I saw this:

Tiny French Press. Fairies probably use one just like it!

A miniature French Press!  I love me some coffee.  And I use this French Press to make me some every morning:

Big french press. Not nearly as cute as the one used by fairies.

Can you see why I was drawn to it?  It is an exact replica of my 18-oz “real” life French Press, but smaller!

The French Press family.

AND, it fits oh-so-perfectly in Bustache’s overhead spice-rack storage compartment.

Tiny fairy French Press, nestled safely next to Bustache's spices.

As you can tell, I just had to have it.  I purchased the itty-bitty French Press, put it in its perfectly positioned place in the Bustache, and waited anxiously for our next camping trip.

Well, the next camping trip came, and I eagerly pulled out my new coffee press to satiate my customary caffeine craving.  I added the grounds, poured in the hot water, and 4 minutes later I was ready to enjoy my daily cup o’ joe.

It wasn’t until this moment that I realized the error in my “mini-me” mentality.  This is a picture of me with my favorite coffee mug:

Favorite coffee mug - probably big enough to drown 40 fairies.

Do you know how many tiny French Press pots you need to make in order to fill this mug up?  Three! Three times the work to fill-up my gargantuan cup.

Do you think just because I’m camping I’m going to drink less coffee?  Of course not!!!  My addiction is real, and it doesn’t go on vacation just because I do.  (If anything, I indulge in more!)

So, there you have it. Lesson learned – although the Bustache offers us a chance to escape the day-to-day drudgery of life, he doesn’t allow us to escape reality.

Time to invest in a Big Brew Bustache French Press.

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