The Bustache

Enjoy the Ride!

A Bustache Bemusing: Be happy and bring joy where you can.

The Bustache makes people happy.  It makes the kids we drive behind wave through the back window.   It makes hipsters snap pictures when they pass us on the road.  It makes 50 year old Orange County executives think twice about their B series BMW.  And it makes my dad jealous.

The Bustache makes us happy too – the kind of happy that turns ordinary weekends into adventures and the morning commute into a wanderlusts journey.  Climbing into its cab instantly turns bad days into good ones and good days into the good ol’ days .

The Bustache is a conversation starter, an equalizer and a refuge.   He makes the world a better place.

And so we write this blog to pass along some of the joy he brings to our lives and the people he meets.

Here’s to happiness.  Enjoy the ride!

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